Web Development

That’s right, we have a web developer on staff ready to build your next small business site or blog.

So, Why does your business need a website?
  • So new customer can find you. People aren’t using phone books much anymore. They’re using the internet to find a the products and services they want and need, and they can’t find you, if you’re not there.
  • A website can lend legitimacy to your business. People just expect a dependable company to have it’s own website, and not having one can sometimes raise questions in the potential customer’s mind. This can be especially important for new businesses.
  • A website is a great avenue for marketing your products and ideas. Even a simple brochure page or catalogue for your products or services can help attract attention. Though, to get as many eyes on your site as possible, an active blog may be best, if you can keep up with it. And it may be a great way to interact with your customer base via comments.
  • Lead generation. Getting people to call you can sometimes be difficult. It’s much easier to get someone to type their email address and/or phone number into a form on a website.
  • Always accessible. The internet doesn’t sleep, but you and your staff do. Your website is always there for current and prospective customers to view your products and services.
How do you build a website?

The answer is easy. Call me! All kidding aside, you do have plenty of options available. From do-it-yourself web builders, to fully custom web applications, and everything in between. So many options it could be difficult to figure out what’s best for you, and can lead to analysis paralysis.

That’s where we can help. With information about your business and budget, we can help narrow your options. From there, we can create a proposal for building your site for you, or just lay out the road ahead for you to build it yourself.

You can email me directly at info@practical.life.