Office Etiquette

Times they are a changing. Email is the norm and so, often, are jeans. With many workplaces moving towards a more casual atmosphere, do you know how to navigate some of the tricky office politics? What about sending an email vs making a phone call? If your workplace is more formal, that can be tricky too. I can help you navigate the pitfalls and teach you how to find the right options to help you succeed.

Table Manners

If you have children, you probably want them to have good table manners. So how do you teach them while trying to enjoy your own meal? Contact me! I’ll come to your home, when it’s convenient for your schedule, and work with your child/children. In a matter of a few short sessions, I will teach your them which fork to use, which way to pass the bread, and how to use a napkin. I will also teach them appropriate topics for the dinner table and the importance
of silence and waiting their turn.